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With more than 20 years of experience in sales, B Queen Market allows you to save on thousands of fashion, decoration and everyday products: Leather Goods, Beauty, DIY, Decoration, Household Linen … .

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On B Queen Market, choose your products in the right quantity and pay for them at the right price. As a result, thousands of products are available to you on our site and many more will arrive again and again.

In order to optimize your searches and make your navigation easier, we have classified them into 9 main categories and dozens of subcategories. And in each sub-category, you will find, on average, about fifty products to discover so as not to be disgusted by endless pages.

Thus, we have created B Queen Market so that you can browse the pages of each sub-category easily to find or discover our selection of products. Depending on what you want, you can browse quietly through the dozen or so products on each page or, conversely, find a specific product by typing it directly into our intuitive search bar.

So, good luck, Captain !!!

Leather Goods and Luggage

In our Leather Goods and Luggage category, the spotlight is on purses, wallets and all kinds of bags, including our famous handbags for women.

Fashion and Jewelry

With Fashion and Jewelry, you have the choice between fashion accessories such as belts, glasses, watches and costume jewelry, in this case our beautiful range in stainless steel.

Beauty and Hygiene

In Beauty and Hygiene, you will find everything related to makeup, hairdressing and body hygiene.

Decoration and Home

For all the common household products at low prices and also the various decorations and scents, you will find them in Decoration and Home.

Household linen

Our household linen category mainly refers to curtains and their various assortments.


On the other hand, we have not included Kitchen in Decoration and Home because it is a category which groups together a large number of products only for cuisine and which deserves to be placed apart.

Hobbies, Games and Toys

Leisure, Games and Toys is a category which groups together various games, toys and leisure in the broad sense of the term with multimedia, festive, smoking, stationery and other products.

Card making

With our Card making category, it’s hard not to find what you are looking for with all the kinds of postcards on offer, each prettier than the next, from € 1 10 with envelope (cheaper than a stamp!).

DIY, Garden and Pet Shop

And finally, in DIY, Garden and Animal, we have grouped together a good range for dogs and cats, a few products for the garden and all DIY, utility and troubleshooting.