For the Click and Collect, your order will be prepared at the latest 2 hours after we have received payment and it will be collected at the Fantasia store located at 109 rue d’Orchies in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux. We’ll email you to let you know when it’s ready. To make your withdrawal, simply go to the store front desk, giving your name and the order number. It is important to verify the accuracy of your order on site because no complaint for missing product (s) or preparation error will be taken into account later.

For relay or home delivery, it will be made to the relay point you have chosen or to the delivery address you indicated when confirming your order. In general, we leave your package with the delivery provider the day after payment, but this can take up to 3 working days maximum. We reserve the right to split the package for the same postage paid (if there is any charge). Regarding the delivery time, it will depend on the chosen method and the place of destination. In France, for example, the estimated time for a relay delivery is 3 to 4 days, while at home, it is around 48 hours. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery because your package will be entrusted to a service provider, so we will not have control over it.

When receiving your package (in relay as at your home), remember to report any damage to the person delivering it to you (damaged package, abnormal noise in the package, etc.). Do not hesitate to open it and take pictures on site for evidence in the event of a possible subsequent claim.

For any claim due to damaged products or any other damage noted during unpacking, remember to take pictures and contact us at or go to Contact located in the right corner or at the bottom of the page of our site Try to clearly express your request by attaching your name, your order number, your email address and any useful evidence such as photos for example. As each complaint may have different grounds, then we will deal with it on a case-by-case basis and get back to you as soon as possible to tell you what to do next. Please note, any order delivered to your chosen relay point or to your indicated address and which will be returned to us for non-withdrawal or refusal on your part without a valid reason will incur a penalty of an amount equivalent to the actual shipping costs when a subsequent refund request or will make you bear the payment of a shipping cost for a new delivery.

Regarding shipping costs, the amount varies depending on the delivery method, the place of destination and the amount of the order. Here is a table explaining how the shipping costs are applied:

Destination / Purchase amount in €From 0 to 24.99From 25 to 49,99From 50 to 74,99From 75 to 99,99From 100 to 149,99From 150 to 199,99From 200 to 249,99From 250 to 299,99
Metropolitan France (relay)4.952.50000000
Metropolitan France (home)7.957.506.503.500000
Belgium (relay)4.503.993.993.500000
Belgium (home)10.9910.508.507.9910.99000
Luxembourg (relay)4.503.993.993.500000
Luxembourg (home)10.9910.508.507.9910.99000
Spain (relay)6.503.952.951.500000
Spain (home)12.9913.9914.5014.5015.9912.9912.9912.99
Czech Republic23.5023.5025.9525.9531.9534.9537.9540.50
Guadeloupe (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
Guyana (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
La réunion (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
Martinique (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
Mayotte (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
Saint-Barthélémy (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
Saint-Martin (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
Saint-Pierre et M. (France)82.5079.5076.5073.50100.50125.50153.95183.95
New Caledonia (France)173.95170.95167.95164.95249.95313.50383.95443.95
French Polynesia (France)192.95192.95192.95205.50270.50332.95388.50443.95
Wallis-et-Futuna (France)333.95330.95327.95324.95438.95548.95673.50796.50
Ceuta (Espagne)36.5033.5030.5027.5036.9538.5062.5062.50
Melilla (Espagne)36.5033.5030.5027.5036.9538.5062.5062.50
Greenland (Denmark)36.5033.5030.5027.5036.9538.5062.5062.50

As you can see, we deliver to most of the European Union, including the French overseas departments and territories. Some countries have the choice between relay or home delivery such as mainland France, Belgium, Luxembourg or Spain, but for the rest, it is home delivery, according to the proposals of our service providers. And to better understand our table, we take the current rates of our service providers and we apply a discount of 3 € on average for each 25 € of purchase (our participation) until arriving at the free shipping cost as it is. is the case for relay delivery from 50 € of purchase in mainland France for example. Possibly, if you place an order of more than 300 € (limit of the table) and you want a delivery outside France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain or Germany, we advise you to split by placing 2 orders including 1 close to 300 € and the other for a smaller amount because the prices of our service providers are no longer decreasing beyond a certain weight.

For information, this price list may change at any time depending on changes in the current prices of our service providers. So, we invite you to take a look from time to time to keep up to date.